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Movable Connections and Accessories

Series SSQ - Recessed plugs

Category: Welding junctions
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Series SSQ - Recessed plugs


  • Plugs and sockets for welding cables.
  • Construction according the regulations HD427 and HD433 (CEI 26-10 and CEI 26-11).
  • Brass frame (OT58; UNI5705-65).
  • Plug-in with rapid bayonet coupling (closure to the right).
  • Closure through bolt M12 with eyelet terminal, (panel-connectors), or through screws and cable-protection terminal, (loose connectors).
  • Loose connectors with protection sleeve in shock-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant and high heat-resistant rubber.
series SSQ Description
SSQ25 Recessed plug 200A suitable for wires 16/25mm2
SSQ50 Recessed plug 400A suitable for wires 35/50mm2
SSQ70C Recessed plug 600A suitable for wires 50/70mm2
Case with protection cover