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Thanks to the thirty-year collaboration with the major shipbuilding industry companies, Gimax’s experience is extremely vast.

Through its technical officers, the company is able to offer state-of-the-art electrical power plants (power and lighting) by providing the customer with their know-how.

The Gimax offer includes:

  • Fixed or rolled electrical panels with transformer
  • Hard butyl rubber portable switchboards with high degree of protection
  • LED lighting systems
  • Extension cables

Obviously everything is configured as a technical specification studied with the customer and with the absolute respect of the international regulations in force.

Regarding the lighting issue, Gimax is able to offer a variety of options: in addition to the classic round section cable solution, Gimax has been successfully launching the twin cable for years.

This is an innovative solution that involves the use of a flat flat cable made of double sheath, which is used to power low voltage lighting devices below 50V, ensuring a high degree of protection.

After almost thirty years of experience and collaboration with some of the biggest shipbuilding companies worldwide, Gimax is now able to export its know-how providing the following bespoke electrical solutions:


  • Electrical panels with transformer for portable and fixed use
  • Electrical switchboards with high protection degree for portable and fixed use
  • LED lighting systems
  • Cable extensions


The whole electrical distribution is studied and design together with the customer and in compliance with all international regulations in force.


With regard to the lighting system, it is now possible to connect one lamp to another much easier thanks to the punching clamp on the top of the lamps that goes to pierce the flat binate cable.


This innovative solution has got a great success during the years cause provided of a double sheath which guarantees a high protection degree and can be used to power low voltage devices up to 50V.


The punching clamp is suitable to pierce flat binate cables 2x6 and 2x25smm and allows the operator to get a very flexible lighting system in time as it can be re-used for construction of new vessels in order to drastically reduce management and maintenance costs.


We call this system “through-wired”.

Rubacorrente disponibile per cavi sezione 6 mmq e 25 mmq


Esempio di catenaria realizzata con lampioncini alimentati da cavo binato 25 mmq

Example of through-wired lighting with flat binate cable 2x6smm 


Catenaria con lampioncino Nanoled

Example of through-wired Nanoled lighting  


The R&D department has recently developed a new lighting system we called Nanoled.

It is possible to reduce the number of lamps in use by getting the same luminous efficiency. This system gives immediate benefits cause management and maintenance costs are reduced as well as power consumption by using smaller section cables.

These results have been possible thanks to the Power Factor Controller Active (P.F.C.) and advanced level of electronic PCBs in use which limit the absorption of reactive power and filter noises on the network.

A lower power consumption means higher plant efficiency, lower management and maintenance costs, no increase on rates for values of cos φ below 0.90.

The current legislation involves the use of P.FC. for powers higher than 24W, so the choice of Gimax is even ahead of the standard to confirm its commitment to the environment and the safety of its operators.

The PCBs are even in compliance with Standards EN 61000-3-2 in order to filter harmonic components with the following advantages: decreasing the skin effect in the conductors as well as limiting the losses due to heat and parasitic currents in motors or transformers.

Last but not least, the total compliance of Gimax products with the photobiological risks allowing the use in any condition and the most restrictive international regulations.

In this section, the catalogue provides bespoke solutions for shipbuilding industry that could be suitable for your purposes.

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