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Electric Mobility Solutions

Electric mobility is a current and ever-evolving theme. The focus on the environment and sustainable resource utilization has brought into our daily lives what until recently seemed to belong to realities far from us.

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles will bring numerous benefits over time, both for the environment and everyday life.
It will reduce emissions of harmful gases (CO2 and NOx) and improve the air quality we breathe. This already contributes to combating climate change and preserving people’s health.

Sustainable mobility systems are increasingly being adopted, such as car sharing, carpooling, electric vehicles, or vehicles using alternative fuels. However, this new trend is not limited to road or rail transportation. Recently, ships have been introduced that combine traditional propulsion with wind-powered or electric propulsion, thanks to rigid sails.

It is a true “revolution” that not only affects our modes of transportation but also the production of electrical energy itself. The production of electricity from renewable sources such as the sun and wind is becoming more widespread, enabling cleaner vehicle charging that is less dependent on fossil fuels. This leads to greater energy independence and a reduction in the environmental impact associated with the extraction and combustion of hydrocarbons.

Furthermore, electric vehicle technology is in full development, with increasing energy storage capacity of batteries and the implementation of ever more efficient charging infrastructure. The adoption of electric cars is also convincing skeptics due to more affordable prices for the public, thanks to government incentives and the benefits of mass production.

Gimax has launched GI-BOX, a new product range 100% made in Italy, dedicated to electric vehicle charging. It combines appealing design with exceptional performance. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company active- ly contributes to promoting a cleaner future and transforming the way we commute.

GI-BOX Wallbox per la ricarica elettrica di auto e scooter


GI-BOX Wallbox per la ricarica elettrica di auto e scooter