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The Gimax Switchboards

Rubber is a very polyhedric material for use in industrial environments. Its properties are many and of very high technical value: flexibility, elasticity, high dieletric rigidity, etc. For this reason, Gimax has decided to focus its production on the use of this type of material through a special mix of carefully balanced components to obtain an extremely durable finished product.

Chemical composition developed by Gimax enhances the natural elastomeric characteristics of raw materials in use to create a finished product suitable for heavy uses.

Gimax switchboards are not only resistant to oils, acids, industrial solvents and petrol, but also have an exceptional resistance to ageing.

Thanks to its elasticity, rubber is able to withstand better than any other technopolymer especially during use in harsh environments. Gimax rubber is very resistant to temperature fluctuations (-20°C + 80°C) and self-extinguishing. In fact, it has passed GLOW WIRE TEST 960°, and especially in this case Gimax rubber is required for low toxicity of fumes released into the air (theatres, cinemas, showrooms, sport facilities, metropolitan areas, etc.).


With regard to rubber enclosures, Gimax has taken care of the smallest details and these items are now synonymous with excellence: modularity, double insulation, high degree of protection up to IP65 by means of special closing seals; all technical and professional features not present in consumer products.


Gimax recently added POLYETHYLENE as new material for portable power distribution assemblies combining the lightweight technology to the sturdiness of technopolymers. This type of material is highly appreciated in those areas where easy portability is required also thanks to the possibility of being stacked.

To protect the sockets which already are on safety thanks to special insulated head screws, MCBs are always mounted under shock-proof transparent windows by means of stainless steel return springs AISI 304 equipped with sealing gaskets to guarantee a protection degree up to IP65 (IEC 529, CEI 70-1, EN 60529).

The covers are available in various sizes suitable to lodge switches from 2 to 18 DIN modules.

Power distribution assemblies are available in several models: portable and wall, on wheels and to hang.

The modularity of the structures and the small size allow these products to be used in all industry sectors according to technical specifications given from customers.

To guarantee the quality that has distinguished the company Gimax over the years, no add-ons have been left to chance.

Only products of high quality are lodged into the power distribution assemblies that Gimax supplies on domestic and international market.

Here is a brief introduction of the most useful components in use:

Rubber butyl rubber

Molds for electrical cabinets

Sockets and Plugs

In compliance with Standards IEC 309-1, IEC 309-2, EN60309-1 and EN60309-2.

Sockets and plugs in use by the most common versions have been certified by the Italian Institute of Quality-IMQ or by major European brands such as VDE, SEMKO, FI, NEMKO, OVE, KEMA and CEBEC.

Outlets and Plugs


MCBs and RCDs are in compliance with Standards and have been certified by the Italian Institute of Quality-IMQ or by major European brands such as VDE, SEMKO, FI, NEMKO, OVE, KEMA and CEBEC.



Construction steel S235JR (UNI EN 10025/2005) (Fe360B), minimum thickness of 20/10, electrically welded and cold folded, highly resistant profiles and ribs. High resistance to mechanical stress.

Following treatments are carried out to increase surface resistance to external agents:

  1. Degreasing with fosfatic products
  2. Drying with forced air jets at 120°C.
  3. Film painted with polizinc coated powder of about 80/100 microns RAL 5010, blue color.

Cooling at room temperature


Usefull informations

Standards CEI EN 60529 1997-06 (IEC529 ex CEI 70-1) + A1 2000-06 identify a classification system about protection degree for enclosures of electrical equipment against infiltrations of solid bodies and water that must be guaranteed during ordinary service conditions of appliances.

Explanation IP

The first digit indicates the degree of protection against the penetration of foreign solid bodies.
  0 No Protections
  1 Protected against solids with a diameter of more than 50mm
  2 Protected against solids with a diameter of more than 12mm
  3 Protected against solids with a diameter of more than 2,5mm
  4 Protected against solids with a diameter of more than 1mm
Protetto contro le polveri 5 Protected against dust (no harmful deposits)
Totalmente protetto contro le polveri 6 Totally protected against dust
The second number indicates the protection degree against the penetration of liquids.
  0 No protection
Protetto contro le cadute verticali di gocce d’acqua 1 Protected against vertical waterdrops
  2 Protected against vertical water- or raindrops upto 15°
Protetto contro le cadute di gocce d’acqua o pioggia fino a 60° dalla verticale 3 Protected against vertical water- or raindrops upto 60°
Protetto contro gli spruzzi d’acqua da tutte le direzioni 4 Protected against watersplashes from all directions
Protetto contro i getti d’acqua 5 Protected against jets of water
  6 Protected against strong jets of water
Protetti contro gli effetti delle immersioni temporanee 7 Protected against the effects of temporary immersion
Protetti contro gli effetti delle immersioni continue 8 Protected against the effects of continuous immersion
Classes of Insulation
Componente dotato di isolamento principale provvisto di un dispositivo per il collegamento delle masse a un conduttore di protezione. I Component equipped with main insulation provided with a device for the connection of the mass to a protection-conductor.
Componente dotato di un doppio isolamento o di isolamento rinforzato e non provvisto di alcun dispositivo per il collegamento a un conduttore di protezione. II Component equipped with double insulation or re-inforced insulation and not provided any device for the connection to a protection-conductor.
Componente ad isolamento ridotto perché destinato ad essere esclusivamente alimentato da un sistema a bassissima tensione di sicurezza (SELV) e nel quale non si generano tensioni di valore superiore a quello di tale sistema. III Component with reduced insulation because its purpose is to be exclusively powered by a safety-system of low voltage (SELV) and where no voltages are generated that are higher than those of the system.

Armatures conforming to IEC 23B (SEC) 88, IEC 669-1 and IEC 670-1 Ed. 1981; certification of absence of halogenated gases. Electrical panels conforming to European standard EN 60439-1 (CEI 17-13 / 1) AS (standard equipment). Electrical panels for use in building sites conforming to European standard EN 60439-4 (CEI 17-13 / 4) ASC (construction site assembled equipment). The control panels mentioned above have been verified, tested and certified in the CE.TA.CE laboratories. (Calibration Certification Center) and S.T.P. GROUP L.T.L.-Light Testing Laboratory of Florence, authorized by the Ministry of Industry to issue certificates attesting conformity to the 2006/95 / EC Low Voltage Directive, 2004/108 / CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
Certification by by the TÜV ITALY of your management system of the company’s quality in accordance with the rules “UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Our technical-commercial offices are at your disposal to offer tailor-made solutions.

  • Verify on site the appropriate solution for the intended installation type
  • design and build electrical panels and personal lighting fixtures tailored to your specific need
  • interpret your requests and orient yourself to the solution that complies with current regulations
  • for the most technically complex installations, we can, after having experienced our zone agent, provide customized solutions
  • after sales service