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Machine tools

This section is dedicated to lighting products for machine tool manufacturers.

Since the company was founded, machinery lighting has always represented a strategic product range that started with production of ballasts and fluorescent tube lamps for industrial use. From the very beginning, Gimax products have always been appreciated on the market thanks to the choice of very high quality materials in terms of reliability, sturdiness and durability. All this has been possible thanks to constant investments in research and development and the choice to keep production department inside the company. This choice allowed Gimax to design and manufacture a large number of products, both standard from catalogue and bespoke according to specifications given from customers. In the new era of led lamps, Gimax can offer several models with different types of outer tube.

Materials in use are borosilicate glass, acrylic and polycarbonate.

The products are reliable, durable, safe, and always are in compliance with the most restrictive international regulations.

Production department inside the company and the large warehouse allow Gimax to respond effectively to the customer's needs wheter they are small spare parts or big mutual orders planned according to timing required.

Please have a look at the catalogue or ask for bespoke solutions, we are sure to be able to satisfy your needs at best and establish a long lasting cooperation with your company.

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