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Series Modulus portable transformer

Category: Transformer panels
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Series Modulus portable transformer

Product features

• Polyethylene enclosure, double insulation

• Enclosure from IP44

• Handles for transportation

• Hinged transparent polycarbonate lid with closing spring to protect MCBs

• Outlets with receptacles CEE P17 IP67

• Outlets protected by micro circuit breakers or fuses

• Built in compliance with Standards EN 61439-1 (CEI 17-113); EN61439- 2 (CEI 17-114)

• Internal transformer built in compliance with Standards CEI EN 61558-1, 61558-2-4, 61558-2-6

Serie MODULUS Transformer Sockets CEE P17
  16A 32A 16A 32A 16A
Item 2P+T 230V
2P+T 230V
2P 48V
2P 48V
2P 48V
2P 48V
2P 24V
2P 24V
2P 24V
2P 24V
H3L200SPS24 Single phase for safety 2000VA 400/24V 8
H3L150SPS42 Single phase for safety 1500VA 230/48-24V 2 2
H3L150IPS Single phase for insulation 1500VA 400/230V 1 + MCB
H3L100SPS48 Single phase for safety 1000VA 230/48V 2