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GI-BOX Die Lösung von Gimax für Ihr Elektroauto

GI-BOX Gimax
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Our product line

GI-BOX with cable and T2 socket

Gi-Box con uscita a cavo e presa T2

Gi-BOX without T2 socket

Gi-Box con presa T2 senza shutter

Gi-BOX with T2 socket and shutter

Gi-Box con presa T2 con shutter

The product design is registered under No. 009190580-0001 with the European Union Office for Intellectual Property -EUIPO-


Available colors

Metallic grey

Gi-Box Grigio metallizzato

Bright red

Gi-Box Rosso brillante

Bright black

Gi-Box Nero brillante

Gentian blue

Gi-Box Blu genziana

Charging modes

The charging of electric vehicles is regulated by international standards (IEC 61851-1 and IEC 61851-22) that identify 4 charging modes.

For power levels between 3.7 - 22 kW, charging with a dedicated cable and socket (T2) is defined as Mode 3.

After the cable is connected, the charging station performs a series of safety checks then to start with charging phase. The management of converting alternating cur- rent (AC) into direct current (DC) suitable to be stored in the battery is carried out by specific electronic boards installed in the vehicle. Simultaneously, the infrastructure verifies various parameters through the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) protocol, including battery temperature, state of charge, current delivery, and protective con- nections.

Mode 3 charging is currently the most widely used, in private homes, public street charging stations, parking lots, etc. Generally, Mode 3 is used where it is possible to leave the car for several hours. The investments required to establish a Mode 3 infrastructure are limited compared to those necessary for Mode 4 direct current charging (typically used for ultra-fast charging, e.g., highways, service stations).

Cars are often equipped with an emergency charger that allows connection to a domestic SCHUKO socket. This is a module inserted between the power plug and the socket connected to the vehicle. This solution is defined as Mode 2, and charging times are significantly longer because the current delivered is usually lower than 16A.

Mode 1, on the other hand, is used for charging electric bicycles, scooters, and electric mopeds.

GIBOX Wallbox per auto
Modi di ricarica

The various charging methods are highlighted in the figure.

Our vision

Electric mobility is a current and ever-evolving theme. The attention to the environment and exploitation of sustainable resources has overwhelmingly projected into everyday life what until recently seemed a reality still too much distant from us. The widespread use of electric vehicles will bring numerous benefits over time, both for the environment and everyday life. It will reduce emissions of harmful gases (CO2 and NOx) and improve quality of air we breathe. This already contributes to combating climate change and preserving people’s health.

Sustainable mobility systems are increasingly being used, such as car sharing, carpooling, electric vehicles, or vehicles powered by alternative fuels. The new trend is not limited to road or railway transportation but also to shipbuilding. In fact thanks to rigid sails, new ships have been designed combining traditional propulsion with wind-powered or electric propulsion.

It is a real “revolution” not only affecting our modes of transportation but also the production of electrical energy itself. The production of electricity from renewable sources such as the sun and wind is becoming widespread, enabling cleaner vehicle charging less dependent on fossil fuels.

This leads to greater energy independence reducing the environmental impact associated with extraction and combustion of hydrocarbons.

Furthermore, electric vehicle technology is in full development, by the increase of energy storage capacity of batteries and implementation of an ever more efficient charging infrastructure. The use of electric cars is also convincing the more skeptics due to more affordable prices, incentives given by the gonvernment and other benefits for the public.

GI-BOX Gimax-Ladegerät für Elektroautos

Certification and Compliance

Gimax management has been certified by TUV as in compliance with the following standards: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (environment).

Enti certificatori
Wallbox GI-BOX attenzione all'ambiente

Charging connectors

To make charging accessible and connect cars to different charging infrastructures, the European Commission defined the charging connector type (Type 2) to prevent the proliferation of different solutions that could have caused disservices.

For Mode 4, which is reserved for DC charging, there are two types of standard con- nectors: CHAdeMO (Japan) or CCS Combo1 and Combo2 (Europe).

Plugs and sockets for EV charging

GIBOX Presa Tipo 2
  • Supply 230/400 V AC
  • Single phase or three phases
  • Max current 63 A
  • PWM communication between car and EVSE

  • Supply 1000 V DC
  • Current 200/500 A

  • Supply 500 V DC
  • Current 125 A CHAdeMO 1.0

The charging time

Unlike internal combustion engine vehicles converting the chemical energy contained in fuel into mechanical energy, the “fuel” for electric vehicles is the electri- cal energy which cannot be transferred with the same timing as traditional fuels. For this reason, the charging time varies depending on several parameters: vehicle charge level, ambient temperature, infrastructure power, charging type, etc.

Dealing with Mode 3 systems, being all other parameters equal, power is fundamen- tal to reduce charging time.

The power of the infrastructure varies depending on the type of power supply (single-phase or three-phase).

Here is a table showing the theoretical maximum withdrawable power:

Current (A) Single phase (KW) 3 phs (KW)
16 3,7 11
32 7,4 22

Higher powers correspond to shorter waiting times.

GIBOX Colonnina ricarica auto

GI-BOX Wallbox

GI-BOX has been designed with the help of our R&D department, paying attention to both functionality and aesthetics. The product design is registered under No. 009190580-0001 by the European Union Office for Intellectual Property -EUIPO- The structure is made of shock-proof technopolymer, a material resistant to weather conditions and aging. GI-BOX boasts an IP55 and IK10 (LCD display excluded) protection rating, making it suitable to be used everywhere. GI-BOX can be used for every electric car.
Behind its captivating design lies a real computer capable of connecting to WiFi or LAN, monitoring the load and adapting it to the available power, and interfacing with the home automation system to remotely detect and/or control smart devices via WiFi.

Why choose Gimax products?
In a market that offers similar solutions, we have chosen to be different! Our proposal is based on an expandable and upgradable architecture that ensures top-notch performance while maintaining the value of your investment over time.

The dual advantage of GI-BOX
Be an active part of a shared awareness that aims to reduce pollution and preserve the environment. In a global context where fuel costs are constantly rising, reducing consumption brings benefits both in terms of the environment and to your own economy.
In terms of investment, thanks to our upgradable system, the cost of the product can be spread over many years, reducing it to less than a cup of coffee per day...

Invest in an integrated system
Your home or business and your car are an investment, so they should be valued and protected by using state-of-the-art equipment. In this integrated system, your wallbox plays a key role: it charges your vehicles, monitors power consumption, adjusts the withdraw to avoid overloading the grid, controls devices, and maintains its value over time.



  • 1 - 22 kW 16A - 32A three- phase models (400 V)
  • 3.7 - 7.4 kW 16A - 32A single- phase models (230 V)


  • 7” size
  • Color graphic display • Touch screen


  • Power management (overload)
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Dynamic management (anti-blackout)


  • CEI-EN 61851-1 (charging station standard)
  • IEC 62955 (Residual Direct Current Device)


  • Continuity monitoring of PE (Protective Earth)
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage
  • Earth fault


  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • 2G / 4G (optional module)


  •  Auxiliary outputs for controlling other home automation devices
  • RFID authentication
  • Remote diagnostic management


  • Impact-resistant technopolymer (except the display)
  • IP 55

Versions available with cable output and T2 socket
​This range can satisfy both domestic (solution with a portable socket for your parking space) and semi-public needs (company, shopping mall or hotel parking lots).

GI-BOX Wallbox


Product details

Wallbox GI-Box interno

Wallbox GI-Box esploso

CE Marking

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU
  • RED Directive 2014/53/EU (RFID and Wi-Fi on all versions, GSM/LTE on versions where it is present)

The product complies with the following guidelines / standards:

Low Voltage Directive

  • EN IEC 61851-1 Conductive charging systems for electric vehicles - Part 1: General requirements.
  • EN IEC 61439-7 Low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (LV switchboards) - Part 7: Switchgear for specific applications such as marinas, camping grounds, markets, electric vehicle, charging stations for electric vehicles

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

  • EN IEC 61851-21-2 - Conductive charging systems for electric vehicles - Part 21: Requirements of the electric vehicle for conductive connection to an a.c./d.c. power supply. - Section 2: Requirements EMC requirements for off-board charging systems for electric vehicles.

RED Directive

  • ETSI EN 301 489-1 (EMC)
  • ETSI EN 300 330-1 (RFID)
  • ETSI EN 300 328 (WI-Fi 2.4GHz)
  • ETSI EN 300 893 (WI-Fi 5GHz)
  • ETSI EN 301 511-1 (GSM)
  • ETSI EN 301 908-1 (LTE)
  • EN 62311 Assessment of electronic and electrical apparatus with respect to restrictions on human exposure to electromagnetic fields (0 Hz - 300 GHz)

The safety of an Italian product

The current regulation that defines the construction and safety specifications of charging points is EN61851. This regulation requires that the charging point is protected by a type B residual current device (RCD) - known to be quite expensive - or alternatively, by a suitable system for detecting components of alternating and direct currents, accompanied by a standard RCD.

To create a safe and economically appealing product, all GI-BOX wallboxes are equipped with a Current Residual Monitor (CRM) that continuously verifies the safety of the charge, making the use of a type B RCD unnecessary. This leads to significant cost savings!

The additional protection “shutter” for domestic installation
The version with T2 panel mounted socket is equipped with a shutter a diaphragm that serves as an additional protective barrier as required by regulation EN/IEC 62196-1 2014 for UK, FR, SG, ITALY.

Wallbox GI-Box protezione aggiuntiva shutter

Wallbox GI-Box RFID

RFID Authorization

To restrict access to authorized users only, GI-BOX can be equipped with an RFID card reader. The “Administrator” user can create a list of authorized individuals for vehicle charging. This solution is particularly appreciated in semi-public areas (e.g., charging service offered by hotels). At any time, it will be possible to have accurate information about the consumption and associated costs of each individual charging point, thanks to the integrated certified MID module (meter).

LCD touch screen

GI-BOX is provided with a large 7-inch LCD touch screen that allows users to configure the numerous available options according to their personal needs. The touch screen interface makes device customization easier and more intuitive, enabling users to modify settings, select preferences, and tailor GI-BOX to their individual preferences.
In semi-public areas, upon request, it is possible to customize the display to list services, insert advertisements, company logos, etc.

Wallbox GI-Box LCD Touch Screen

Wallbox GI-Box Interfaccia pannelli solari

Interface with solar panels

Thanks to GI-BOX technology, it is possible to connect your photovoltaic system to the wallbox and charge your car, minimizing expenses and contributing to sustainability. This is the real Go Green solution!

GI-BOX integrates with any type of solar panel system, whether it has energy storage or not.
For each charging session, users can choose from three modes based on their needs:


FULL POWER - Fast charging without cost limits: Charging at the maximum power that can be delivered to the vehicle, utilizing all the power generated by the solar panels and potentially withdrawing from the grid for the remaining power needed.

ECONOMY - Charging with cost limit: Charging with limited power withdraw from the grid to control costs. The maximum charging power is the sum of the power taken from the grid and that available from the solar panels.

GREEN - Zero-cost charging: Charging using only the power generated by the solar panels, without drawing from the electrical grid. Charging times may be longer if the solar panels can provide limited power.

Power management

GI-BOX can be equipped with an optional module for instant consumption detection to prevent annoying blackouts.
The module detects consumption by signaling it to Gi-BOX which allocates the re- sidual power at recharging, keeping the overall absorption always below the limit dealed with the supply contract stipulated with the Electricity Company, avoiding the overload.
In the case of multiple installations, the power is normally distributed as follows: equal among all GI-BOX units, allowing to assign a higher priority to a single station reducing the charging time.

The user can choose to allocate 50% (medium priority) or 75% (high priority) of the total available power to a single GI-BOX unit while dividing the remaining power equally among all other connected GI-BOX units.

Wallbox GI-Box Schema Power Management

Version with metal support

In addition to the classic wall mounting system, GIBOX is also available with a metal support that allows the installation of two wallboxes. A lighting LED system is available as optional.
The pillar is also suitable for outdoor use, such as in parking lots, where charging points can be installed for “shared” use, reducing the number of power lines required for multiple charging points.

Wallbox GI-Box Supporto metallico

Network connection solution diagram

In a multi-user context, GIBOX can be connected to both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks to centralize the authorization and consumption monitoring service. The service manager will be able to independently manage all operations remotely thanks to CLOUD COMPUTING technology. This technology not only speeds up the process but also makes it highly agile without the need for expensive additional equipment.

Wallbox GI-Box Schema collegamento in rete


In addition to the convenient 7-inch LCD screen, GI-BOX comes with a downloadable app for Android and iOS, through which the user can keep everything under control: charging status, consumption, charging costs, etc.
The app allows the user to remotely activate up to three devices (e.g., electric gate, perimeter lighting, air conditioner, etc.).
​During the installation, the technician will be able to access the dedicated menu to quickly configure and activate the product.

Wallbox GI-Box App Store

The dedicated app makes the management of various devices convenient and intuitive. It will be possible to remotely control the different devices and be constantly informed about their operation, power output, and consumption.

Wallbox GI-Box Tutto sotto controllo

Drawings and accessories

Wallbox GI-Box Accessori

Pre and Post-Sales Services

Visit the interactive page on our website ( where you can see the available colors and all the features to help you decide which product better fits your needs.

If you prefer to contact our help desk, our pre and post-sales service is at your complete disposal to provide you all the necessary information and guide you towards an informed choice, identifying the optimal solution for your requirements.

We will also provide you the contact details of a qualified technician in your area who can install the product, along with the cost of the service and the estimated timeframe.

Wallbox GI-Box Servizi

Anteprima Wallbox

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GI-BOX Wallbox-Konfigurator

Wählen Sie in jedem Schritt die verschiedenen Optionen, um Ihre individuelle GI-BOX-Wallbox zu konfigurieren.

    1Wählen Sie die Versorgungsspannung

    • Einzelphase

    • Drei Phasen


    2Wählen Sie die Leistung aus

    • Leistung
      3,7 kW

      3,7 kW
    • Leistung
      7,4 kW

      7,4 kW
    • Leistung
      11 kW
      (Drei Phasen)

      11 kW
    • Leistung
      22 kW
      (Drei Phasen)

      22 kW

    3Wählen Sie den Verbindungstyp aus

    • Kabel
      5 Meter

      Cavo 5 metri
    • T2-Buchse T2
      mit Shutter

      Presa T2 con shutter
    • T2-Buchse
      ohne Shutter

      Presa T2 senza shutter

    4Wählen Sie die Farbe des Wallbox-Rahmens

    • Enzianblau

      Blu genziana
    • Metallisches

      Grigio metallizzato
    • Glänzend

      Nero brillante
    • Hellrot

      Rosso brillante

    5Möchten Sie einige Optionen hinzufügen?

    • Modem

      Modem 4G
    • Meter

      Misuratore MID
    • Notfall

      Pulsante Emergenza
    • Enzianblaues

      Tettino blu genziana
    • Metallgraues

      Tettino grigio metallizzato
    • Glänzend
      schwarzes Dach

      Tettino nero brillante
    • Leuchtend
      rotes Dach

      Tettino rosso brillante
    • Enzianblaue

      Colonnina blu genziana
    • Metallgraue

      Colonnina grigio metallizzato
    • Helle schwarze

      Colonnina nero brillante
    • Leuchtend
      rote Säule

      Colonnina rosso brillante

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