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GI-BOX with cable and T2 socket

Kategorie: GI-BOX - Wallbox für Elektromobilität
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GI-BOX with cable and T2 socket

Plug and socket for EV charging: Type 2 IEC/EN 62196-2

  • Supply 230/400 V AC (1Ph /3 Ph)
  • Kabel 5 m


  • 11 - 22 KW 16A - 32A three-phase models (400 V)
  • 3,7 - 7,4 KW 16A - 32A single-phase models (230 V)


  • 7” size
  • Color graphic display
  • Touch screen

Load management:

  • Power management (overload)
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Dynamic management (anti-blackout)


  • CEI-EN 61851- 1 (charging station standard)
  • IEC 62955 (esidual Direct Current Device)

Integrated protections CRM:

  •  Continuity monitoring of PE (Protective Earth)
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage
  • Earth fault


  • WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet
  • 2G / 4G (optional module)

Smart - Safery functions:

  • Auxiliary outputs for controlling other home automation devices
  • RFID authentication • Remote diagnostic management


  • IK10 Impact-resistant technopolymer (except the display)
  • IP55

GI-BOX has been designed with the help of designers and engineers, paying attention to both functionality and aesthetics. The product design is registered under No. 009190580-0001 with the European Union Office for Intellectual Property -EUIPO-

The structure is made of impact-resistant technopolymer, a material that is resistant to weather conditions and aging.

GI-BOX boasts an IP65 and IK10 (LCD display excluded) protection rating, making it suitable for use anywhere. GI-BOX is suitable for every electric car.

Behind its captivating design lies a true computer capable of connecting to WiFi or LAN, monitoring the load and adapting it to the available power, and interfacing with the home automation system to remotely detect and/or control smart devices via WiFi.

Available colors:

  • Metallic grey
  • Bright red
  • Bright black
  • Gentian blue
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GI-BOX T2 con cavo e presa colore grigio
GI-BOX T2 con cavo e presa colore rosso
GI-BOX T2 con cavo e presa colore blu
GI-BOX T2 con cavo e presa colore nero