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The peculiarity of GIMAX is to produce on demand according to specifications given from customers in order to meet their needs at best. Furthermore, the presence of the sales force by end users has continuously improved quality of products making business turnover grow during the years.

GIMAX has recently moved its business to the new headquarters in Pietrasanta with more than 200m2 of offices and 2.000m2 of production department and warehouse. For the quality management system, the company has been certified by  TÜV ITALIA in compliance with Standards “UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008“. 

GIMAX was founded in Italy in August 1990 starting with the production of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps.

In 1991, tubular lamps were introduced as the first products range for fixed and portable use in industrial environments such as shipyards, construction sites, railway maintenance, temporary plants, etc.

Shock-proof polycarbonate and butyl rubber were chosen as basic components to manufacture tube lighting products and power distribution assemblies.

The physical characteristics of these materials, suitable for heavy use in harsh environments, were very appreciated by the customers thanks to their reliability, safety and quality.

In 1993, GIMAX started with the production of power distribution assemblies in hard butyl rubber enclosures manufactured with its own moulds.

Our sales network is composed by people with technical background who visit customers providing bespoke solutions according to their needs.

Build Gimax srl

How GIMAX operates on the market


The sales force at Gimax is composed by people with technical background who daily visit customers to realize their real needs. According to specifications given, sales agents forward inquiries to technical department which will take care of the final projects on bespoke solutions.

The direct contact with the customer has allowed Gimax to identify the problems that often occur in the harsh environments and the ideal types of material for heavy uses.


GIMAX operates on the market in the following sectors:


The departments of the Gimax team.

The company is structured according to the highest efficiency criteria. The ISO Certification issued by TUV regarding quality and organization is the best business card in this regard.

Gimax is composed by the following departments which are always in touch with each other:

Technical and sales

Technical and sales department are always in contact with customers to realize their real needs at best. This department does not only provide commercial and technical support to the customer, but also develops new solutions and products according to the experience gained in collaboration with the sales agents who daily visit the end users directly on site. This collaboration allowed Gimax to have nowadays a very wide product range developed in over three decades of activity.

R&D and Quality

Department constantly evolving thanks to its qualified technicians who study and develop new applications and prototypes which are placed on the market after a thorough check with respect to quality, sturdiness and durability. Moreover, with regard to special needs, Gimax uses external certifying laboratories able to support the company with the customer in product certifications.


Department responsible for the economic and financial management of the company. Thanks to the recent investments in the IT industry, Gimax uses today a particularly advanced management system that contributes to the efficiency of the whole process.


To ensure the perfect operation of the whole business process, it is mandatory to have a state-of-the-art purchasing department. All materials are acquired after a careful selection of Italian and international suppliers who provide the best value for money on the basis of commercial agreements.

Head Office

“The Room of the Buttons”.

Composed by a board of experts in the field, this department leads the company towards new challenges and markets where no opportunity is overlooked.


To guarantee quick and timely deliveries, the warehouse covers a very wide area of the company where finished and semi-finished products are ready for production or to be shipped via couriers who daily come to collect the goods.

Production planning

Together with technical and sales, production department represents the know-how of the company where all products are manufactured with endless care. Here the deadlines are set according to the needs reported by the technical and sales department as well as the sales agents.

External sales force

The external sales force is composed by people with technical background, also employed by the company, who daily visit customers.

The constant development of new products requires the board to approach the customer in a different way from classic sales relationship.

In fact, periodic updates are provided in order to various topics such as legislation, security, marketing, etc.

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