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NanoLed with cable and plug

Category: Movable LED lights
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NanoLed with cable and plug

  • IP 5454
  • CE


  • Upper part (junction box) formed by an unique body in NYLON 6.6
  • N.1 cable gland PG 13 and n.1 threaded cap (to be replaced with a PG13 for wiring through)
  • Protection degree IP54
  • Hanging hook
  • Inner ballast designed in H.V.I.C C-MOS tecnology (Hi Voltage Integrated Circuit) with low losses working in high frequency (>70Hz) to optimize longevity of led modules.
  • PFC (Power factor corrector) to reduce problems often due to power excess apparently used.
  • Photobiological hazard exempt according to IEC 62471
  • Diameter 105 mm (approx)
  • Height 200 mm (body) + 40 mm (hanging hook) (approx)
  • Weight 600 g (approx)


Item Power (W) Voltage (V) Luminous Flux (Lm) Power supply
EFLN122411S 12 24V acdc 1300 3 mts. H07RN-F cable with CEE plug 24V 16A 2P IP67
EFLN122413S 12 48V acdc 1300 3mts. H07RN-F cable with CEE plug 48V 16A 2P IP67
EFLN121116S 12 110V 50-60Hz 1020 3 mts. H07RN-F cable with CEE plug 110V 16A 2P+T IP67
EFLN12221AS 12 230V 50-60Hz 1130 3 mts. H07RN-F cable with CEE plug 230V 16A 2P+T IP67

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